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ICTR Connection Request Service List:

  • Ask an ICTR Navigator

    The Navigators are here to help direct investigators to the ICTR services they need and advise them on "next steps" in the clinical and translational research enterprise at Johns Hopkins. If you’re not sure where to start, click here to ask a Navigator!

  • Accelerated Translational Incubator Pilot (ATIP) Program Application [RFA]

    ATIP provides targeted funding or faculty conducting translational research projects. The next ATIP application deadline is February 22nd, 2015.

  • Biostatistics Consulting [Website]

    The goal of the Biostatistics Consulting service is to promote the appropriate use of biostatistics in the design, implementation, and interpretation of clinical and translational research studies. Click here to apply.

  • Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA) Consulting Service

    The Center for Clinical Data Analytics (CCDA) is chartered to provide exploratory data access, data extraction, and development support to provide to the clinical research community. CCDA is intended to be the Honest Broker between JHM operational data and interested parties in the research community. Click here to apply.

  • Center for Clinical Trials (CCT) Study Design Consulting Service

    As part of the ICTR, CCT faculty members offer a consulting service on questions relating to study design and conduct. Our goal is to provide intellectual and methodological input into clinical research studies and research synthesis initiated by faculty of Johns Hopkins University. Click here to apply.

  • Community Engagement Consulting Service

    The Community Engagement Core of the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) is focused on promoting community-engaged research conducted by researchers and various community partners—including, but not limited to, community-based organizations, health and social service providers, and public agencies. Click here to apply.

  • CRU Online [Website]

    The ICTR Clinical Research Units (CRUs) and associated services are designed to support a wide range of clinical research at Johns Hopkins. From pilot studies to multi-center trials, the CRUs are available for investigators who need outpatient, inpatient, adult, pediatric, or neurological services. Be aware that use of the units and certain associated resources require CRUonline application and approval. Click here to apply.

  • ICTR Communications

    ICTR Communications is part of ICTR’s administrative core. We welcome all requests to publicize information or announcements relevant to our clinical and translational mission from all parts of Johns Hopkins and the CTSA. However, we are currently only able to provide direct administrative and support services to ICTR programs and cores. Click here to apply.

  • ICTR Drug and Device Resource Service (DDRS)

    The goal of the IDDS Service is to provide the researchers within the Johns Hopkins University with a consultation service to assist investigators in the development and use of investigational drugs, biologics, and/or devices in the course of conducting biomedical research while achieving and maintaining FDA compliance. Click here to apply.

  • ICTR Research Coordinator Support Service (RCSS)

    The ICTR Research Coordinator Support Service is a pool of research coordinators that are available for hire on a part time basis by Johns Hopkins researchers. These coordinators are able to handle a wide range of responsibilities, and the support can be customized to best fit the needs of each individuals research team. Click here to apply.

  • ICTR Translational Laboratory Core [Website]

    The Translational Laboratory Core is made up of ICTR supported labs that provide coordinated consultative help across several related programs, all focused on the foundational components required to effectively translate new drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices, biomarkers and diagnostics into clinical trials and eventually clinical practice. Supported labs include: 1) Drug Analysis Unit, 2) Drug Screening Library Unit, 3) Medicinal Chemistry Unit, 4) Drug Development Unit, 5) Biologics Translational Program, 6) Genetics Translational Technology Program, 7) Proteomic Biomarker Development Program, 8) Imaging Translational Program, and 9) Metabolomics Program. For more information, click on Translational Laboratory Core website. Click here to apply.

  • Nexus Award Program sponsored by Behavioral, Social, and Systems Science TRC

    The Nexus Award Program is sponsored by the ICTR Translational Research Communities. Application information for the Behavioral, Social, and Systems Science CCDA Consulting Service will be made available here on September 1, 2015. Click here to apply.

  • OpenSpecimen - Biobank management application

    OpenSpecimen is a biobank management application used to collect, manage, process, annotate, distribute, store, and query biospecimens. The application is web-based, accessible only from the Hopkins network, and is supported by the ICTR for use by Johns Hopkins investigators. Investigators indicate who on their team can see study-related data. The Johns Hopkins OpenSpecimen team provides training, support, and can help you create a study within OpenSpecimen. Please complete the ICTR Connection Request to be contacted by a member of the Johns Hopkins OpenSpecimen Team.

  • Pre-Application for Collaborative Innovation Award

    Preliminary Application for JHU Response to PAR-15-173 – Pre-Application for Collaborative Innovation Award, CTSA Program (X02)

  • Research Data Collection and Storage (RDCS)

    The ICTR offers consulting and, in some cases, direct assistance with research data collection and storage issues. Among the services provided by RDCS are: advice on database contruction, design, and remote data access; web-based and teleform data collection; and secure storage and backup for data associated with clinical research studies. Click here to apply.

  • Research Ethics Consulting Service (RECS)

    RECS provides advice and support for investigators as they address ethical questions that arise during study design and execution. Click here to apply.

  • The Office of Recruitment and Retention (ORR) Consult Service [Website]

    The ORR consult service offers consultations and expert advice on the recruitment of research participants. Click here to apply.